Industry Veterans Launch new technology to improve CBD absorption

EZsol™ represents a revolutionary advancement in cbd supplementation
Its ECO Water Water Extraction versus Solvent Extraction is disrupting the space.
EZsol utilizes a Gentle Water Extraction Process
Traditional methods of hemp extraction are performed using CO2, harsh petroleum or alcohol based solvents. Despite the heavy refining performed in the process, traces of these chemical solvents may remain in the final product.
EZsol™ Superior Solubility
Traditional methods of cannabis extraction are performed using harsh petroleum or alcohol based solvents. No matter how much refining is performed on the resulting extracts, some trace of these poisonous solvents remains in the final product. We use distilled water in our extraction process, which leaves no solvent residue to be consumed by the end user.
A vibrating ultrasonic probe immersed in a liquid (in our case H2O) will transmit alternating high and low pressure waves. These fluctuations cause the liquid molecular cohesive forces to break-down, pulling apart the liquid and creating millions of micro-bubbles, which expand during the low pressure phases and implode violently during the high pressure phases. As the bubbles collapse, millions of microscopic shock waves, micro jet streams, eddies and extremes in temperature are generated at the implosion sites and are propagated to the surrounding medium. Although this phenomenon, known as cavitation, lasts but a few microseconds, and the amount of energy released by each individual bubble is minimal, the cumulative amount of energy generated by the imploding cavities is extremely high. Because focused ultrasound extraction provides more than 100 times the radiated energy and thus produces higher reproducibility than those obtained with ultrasonic baths, it is ideally suited for the extraction of beneficial cannabinoids. This enhanced extraction is managed by exposing more surface area by reducing the particle size of the material being processed, thus disrupting the cell walls to release the desired compounds.

> Low cost
> High yields
> Water used as a solvent
> Rapid, safe and efficient
> Low energy consumption
> Neutralizes bacteria, mold and fungi from extracted material
> Non-thermal: terpenes and cannabinoids are not denatured

The Proprietary trademarked EZsol™ formulation and manufacturing technique results in a natural emulsified ‘body ready’ water soluble CBD for better absorption and bioavailability. This advanced technology is applied throughout our entire line to ensure that no matter your desired delivery preference, the absorption and solubility will be maximized.
The Powder technology is unlike anything on the market today. Through a patent pending process the THC free plant transforms cbd from an oil soluble to water soluble state to allow for easy mixing and dissolution into any hot or cold beverage; even water or coffee. It’s so versatile you could also add to food or use in baking. It is also neutral tasting, unflavored and unsweetened so it wont overpower anything you add it to.

Better Sourcing and Sustainability
NON-GMO Organically grown, harvested and manufactured in the USA
Many of the industrial hemp available on the market today is grown outside the US
Their whole plant CBD is Homegrown by small local farms.

About Planted Earth
A Different Kind of Supplement Company
Founded by respected Industry Veterans
100% plant derived, Planted earth believes Plants not isolated synthetic ingredients are remarkably complex, providing naturally occurring phyto-compounds that help us achieve an unparalleled state of wellness. They harness the wonder of plant-based nutrition in everything we do, from sourcing, cultivation, packaging and production.