Planted Earth A Different Kind of Supplement Company
Founded by respected Industry Veterans
Planted Earth is driven by 40 years combined experience in the Natural Products Industry. Founders Rob Maru and Steven Marada have a solid and proven track record of innovating groundbreaking, best selling and award winning brands and products. Planted Earth was born to fill a much-needed void in the supplement space. Shockingly the majority of botanical and specialty ingredients are sourced from problematic regions of the world such as China. If you source from China, it’s difficult to make honest claims about Sustainability, Transparency and Quality. Their goal is to do what other brands simply wont do. They pledge to never source from problematic suppliers and regions that do not comply with the high standards expected by health conscious consumers.

100% plant derived, Planted earth believes Plants not isolated synthetic ingredients are remarkably complex, providing naturally occurring phyto-compounds that help us achieve an unparalleled state of wellness. They harness the wonder of plant-based nutrition in everything we do, from sourcing, cultivation, packaging and production.

• Quality Sourcing: Active Ingredients Never Sourced from Problematic Regions Including China
• True Potencies- Based on Scientific Research
• Plant Based No Animal Based Ingredients
• Environmentally Friendly Solvent and Alcohol Free Manufacturing Process
• No Artificial ingredients- flavors, colors, sweeteners
• No Synthetic Actives Ever
• Non-GMO Pesticide and Herbicide Free
• Free of Common Allergens: Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Nut

We are and always will be ultra focused and passionate about delivering life changing results by combining true innovation with valid science