At Planted Earth™, our mission is simple: To Positively Impact Nutritional Health and Wellness Through The Holistic Power Of Plant Derived Ingredients.

Our products start with the finest US-sourced, non-GMO active plant-based ingredients, combined with our unique, ultrasonic manufacturing process, to create the most advanced nutritional supplements available on the market today.

Sourcing ingredients exclusively from trusted regions

100% Non-China derived ingredients validated for purity, potency and sustainability

We source the very finest and trusted ingredients from the USA and other regions throughout the world that are committed to traceability, transparency, purity and sustainability. Today, more than ever the nutrition market is plagued by adulterated and tainted nutritional sources.

At Planted Earth, we’re doing what no other company is willing or able to claim: we pledge to not source our active ingredients from problematic regions such as China.

Quality Sourcing

Active Ingredients Never Sourced from Problematic Regions Including China

Plant Based

No Animal Based Ingredients

No Artificial Ingredients

Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners

Organically Grown

Non-GMO, Pesticide and Herbicide Free

True Potencies

Based on Scientific Research

Environmentally Friendly

Solvent and Alcohol Free

Non-Synthetic Actives

No Synthetic Actives Ever

Free of Common Allergens

Gluten, Soy, Dairy and Nut Free

When We Know Better We Live Better™



Health and Wellness Through The Holistic Power of Plants

Planted Earth™ is more than a nutritional company that wants to make a difference for people and planet. It is a redefined ideal state, one where we inspire people to trust in the inherent intelligence, wisdom and holistic power of natural plant derived nutrients.

We are driven by our unwavering belief that plants and their naturally occurring phytonutrients deliver the most effective, and enlightened path to a extraordinary health fulfilled life.

Redefined Clean Labels

Clean is simply not enough, we’ve taken clean to the next level

Our pledge is to use natural eco-friendly, organic, or wild harvested ingredients free of pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.

We never use

Synthetic ingredients
Gluten and other allergens
Chemical additives or fillers such as magnesium stearate
Gelatin based capsules

Redefined Quality

Doing What No Other Company Is Doing Or Willing To Do

Our ingredients are sourced only from USA and other regions deemed safe. We design products with active ingredients validated by clinical research, using them in their clinically studied amounts. Our products are 100% plant-derived and synthetic-free, non-GMO and free of common allergens, with ZERO artificial ingredients.

Redefined Science

Products proven to deliver results

We are driven by discovery — unearthing and uncovering the world’s most advanced nutritional and healing plant compounds. Simply stated we will only support ingredients that have been researched and proven to deliver meaningful measurable, life-changing benefits and results. We believe in relevant potencies, not negligible amounts of fad ingredients that lack scientific support.

Redefined Sustainability

ReNatured™ Wellness

We want to inspire health conscious consumers around the world to reconnect with nature and support ingredients and initiatives that help to not only preserve, but also improve the environment. ReNature™ is the term we use to inspire our ultra commitment to sustainability.

Plants — not isolated or synthetic ingredients — are remarkably complex, providing naturally occurring phyto-compounds that help us achieve an unparalleled state of wellness. We harness the wonder of plant-based nutrition in everything we do, from sourcing and cultivation to packaging and production.



Our Superior Solvent-Free Process

Traditional methods of cannabis extraction are performed using harsh petroleum and alcohol based solvents. Even CO2 extraction often times incorporates an additional step that requires unfriendly alcohol based solvents. Even with advanced refining, these extracts may contain trace amounts of poisonous solvents in the final product in addition to negatively impacting our environment. Our unique patented extraction process uses distilled water and pulsating sound resulting in an eco-friendly/consumer friendly full spectrum extract with naturally occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenoids, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

How Does Ultrasonic Water Extraction Actually Work?

The process uses a vibrating ultrasonic probe that is immersed in distilled H2O. By transmitting alternating high and low pressure waves the molecular cohesive forces break-down and pull apart the liquid to create millions of micro-bubbles, which expand during the low pressure phases and implode during the high pressure phases. As the bubbles collapse, millions of microscopic shock waves, micro jet streams and eddies are generated at the implosion sites and are propagated to the surrounding medium. Although this phenomenon, known as cavitation, lasts but a few microseconds and the amount of energy released by each individual bubble is minimal, the cumulative amount of energy generated is extremely high. This novel extraction method exposes more surface area of the material being processed, thus disrupting the cell walls to efficiently release the desired plant compounds.

The result is a unique eco-friendly/consumer friendly full spectrum extraction process that uses less plant material than other extraction methods, avoids harsh chemical solvents and CO2, uses less energy, and neutralizes bacteria, mold and fungi. Lastly it is also non-thermal and uses no heat, so sensitive terpenes and cannabinoids are not damaged or denatured as is the case with solvent based high heat methods.